From the warmth of the
sun, the scent of the
rain, our extravirgin olive oil

Where it
all begins

There’s a small step only from the lands to the olive mill of Turi. The olive processing takes place within a very short time too, within 12 hours from harvesting which is why olives have an even more strong smell and their freshness is preserved giving the oil an even better flavour. Here, in this environment, we work in a continuous cycle, with a two-phase process, without the addition of water and with cold extraction, operations that give the product more marked organoleptic characteristics. This is how the supply chain closes: from cultivation to processing, everything happens in the name of organic farming. The entire production olivicola olearia and that are in fact systematically monitored and controlled by the certification and ICEA control.

The Family
the vocation

The story we are about to tell is a family story, rooted down in a deep bond, among lands and olive trees of the Rubino’s. The farm saw the first light immersed in a natural path, a natural story that has been going on for three generations now, taking the best things from each one.


Grandpa Michele was the very first pioneer, then his sons and today his four grandchildren, whose name’s Michele as well they all grew up among olive trees and oil, building the experience that takes its current shape up to our days. The year of change was 1995, when the 4 cousins, and members of the company as well, decide to invest in organic farming and acquire an olive grove land in Palo del Colle, an unspoiled area, perfectly suited to such excellence production. It is also the year of the conversion of oil production, which becomes organic and obtains the ICEA certification.

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