Apulian Extravergine
Olive oil

From swathes of
olive grove,
a great oil

Just imagine: stretches of olive trees. Think of their strength and beauty, the fact they have been rooted in the same land over centuries providing them nourishment and life. Every day these luxuriant plants fill our eyes with their beauty our farm is in fact born between 200 hectares of olive groves, 70 of which exclusively dedicated to organic farming. Traditional plants, centuries-old trees, with wide and gnarled, twisted and robust trunks. We try to preserve what nature gives us, we are aware of such wealth and because of that, we drive plowing down as much as possible to avoid unbalancing the land conditions.

In the heart of Apulia, it lies in the Mediterranean Sea, an ancient bridge between East and West, in a corner of land where nature is sovereign, is the organic farm San Domenico.
Here the cycles of nature have great value; the seasons, the warmth of the sun and the rain, are important allies for the production of San Domenico Organic ExtraVirgin Olive Oil.

There’s a corner of the world where everything tastes like nature

Where it all begins

There’s a small step only from the lands to the olive mill of Turi. The olive processing takes place within a very short time too, within 12 hours from harvesting which is why olives have an even more strong smell and their freshness
is preserved giving the oil an even better flavour.


Here we are − the heart of Apulia, between the hills of Palo del Colle and Turi, in a wedge of land and vibrant nature facing the East and the Mediterranean.